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if i bump into robert smith at a water fountain while jogging in wellington, i’m going to just kill myself.

if you’ve been following my twitter feed you’ve been seeing me constantly referencing and quoting paul kelly’s book, “how to make gravy.”who is this paul kelly, you ask?

...i borrowed the above phrase from my friend maria popova's blog ( it's awesome)...i think the phrase pretty much explains format of the book itself follows the A-Z concept…starts with A songs and tells out-of-chronological-order stories of his life, his family’s immigrant heritage, the romantic and unromantic perils of heroin abuse…name it, he goes’s a brave, bold book, and it’s chock full of creative inspiration and insight….i found myself thinking YES YES YES a lot while reading his deep-soul-baring thoughts and embarrassing notes on the writing process itself…on stealing, lifting, the strange experience of giving birth to songs.

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i’d already eaten a banana and was like: i just had a banana.

i figured with eyebrows like that you’d be going to the dresden dolls.” and i was like “yeah.” long story short: this man was richard o’brien, creator of “the rocky horror show” (aka “the rocky horror picture show”).

i’m not going to say anything else, other than YOU SHOULD COME TO THE FUCKING SHOW TONIGHT IN AUCKLAND.

what is it about coming to australasia and meeting my fucking soul heroes?

A: I’m excited to provide a different image of what people are used to seeing from a Muslim woman.

We had 59 entries (see them all in the Comments below) and the winner received an Office Runner Wireless Headset System from Sennheiser, provided by .

and HERE’s one of his most well-known more politico-folk songs, “from little things big things grow” known to almost everyone in australia; it can make you cry if you’re in the right mood.i think if you marry an artist who makes Big Things and you’re an artist who makes Big Things, chances are you’ll start grooving in the same cycle…hunkering down at the same points and mining your souls simultaneously in different corners of the same room.

thank you for all the comments on the blog in general.

even the dickish person who keeps calling me a dirty scientologist hooker…it coming….i love you all!!!!

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