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The XMLReader data type allows the reading of XML files. A variable of a new data type called Xml Reader must be defined in order to read the content of a XML file from a object.The document XML offers an introduction to that language. Objects: Transactions, Work Panels, Web Panels, Reports, Procedures. Then, the methods and properties needed to obtain the information about the nodes that make it up must be invoked.Attribute Count It returns the amount of attributes in the current node, obtained through the method Read or Read Type. EOF It returns whether the end of the document was reached.Err Code It returns a value greater than zero if an error occurred during the processing of a XML document.The possible values are: 1 - Element 2 - End Tag 4 - Text 8 - Comment 16 - White Space 32 - Cdata 64 - Processing Instruction 128 - Document Type Element Type End Tag Type Text Type Comment Type White Space Type CData Type Processing Instruction Type Doctype Type These properties contain constant values which can be used to compare the Node Type property result with the Read Type method.Name It returns the name of the current node obtained through the method Read or Read Type.

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What has been indicated in this method has priority over the XML document's schema Location attribute (provided it exists).

It is valid only for nodes of Text, Comment, Processing Instruction, Document Type and Element type.

Is Simple It indicates whether the current node obtained through the method Read or Read Type corresponds to a type structure.

If there is a DTD defined in a declaration, it will load the DTD and process the DTD declarations such that default attributes and general entities will be made available.

General entities are only loaded and parsed if they are used (expanded).

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