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We are very active in the cuckolding lifestyle and have been for several years now and just love it.

We have no fixed arrangement as to where the lifestyle takes us.

A: OMG that really has been the hardest part of this lifestyle!!

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A: Swingers websites work, but they just open the doors to probably 50% of the global male population, and all they want to do is send you dick pictures. It does work and we have used it several times and met a couple of guys on there, but at the end of the day you have NO IDEA whatsoever who you are starting to connect with on there. Q: There are a lot of cuckolding forums and websites out there.

The following exclusive interview is with a couple who runs their very own Cuckolding site

But instead of me telling you how it can solve your problem, I’m going to direct you to read the interview below with the one and only M&J.

A: The internet is the only way to go when starting out, but it was really hard to connect with real guys who are truly either educated or interested in the cuckolding lifestyle.

For the most part cuckolding websites are a forum type website so connecting to local bulls was very rare.

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