Brother dating my ex

The thing that complicates it for me is when I think he likes me I feel myself pulling back because I don’t want anything serious at this time (I’m not even divorced yet) but when I feel like he isn’t interested in me, it hurts my feelings. And you don’t seem to be focusing on that fact, which strikes us as imprudent.

(Maybe this is a guy thing.) However, the most likely reason this new guy—the brother—is giving you mixed signals, is because he knows that it’s not a great idea to date his brother’s ex-wife, or rather, wife, since you’re not yet divorced. We tend not to date our friends’ ex-girlfriends, or ex-wives. Yes, it does happen, but only under special circumstances, and often after some time has passed.

Worse yet, when Tasha, gets wind of this, life will be hell again.

There’s only one problem: In the five years we’ve known each other, he hasn’t kept any job for long.

I find it hard to bring up my fears about our financial future.

I don’t want money to be the reason we can’t be together, and I’m embarrassed to say it’s important to me, but its importance has made itself known.

With us working opposite schedules and both having kids—we don’t want them involved—it has never worked out for us to get together.

I also feel kind of strange about the fact that he is inviting me over after 9pm, but I also realize that there isn’t any other choice at this point because his kids live with him.

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