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What I'm doing for one of my projects is using this random name generator, but with a few rules. So instead of having a character called Jeff, I have one named Torben.

For each race/culture you have, restrict the generated names to a specific origin (or two closely related ones) so that related people have names which reflect that. (Which is the name of Thor's bear) Perhaps you can look through old Nordic names, or other cultures depending on what you want the names to sound like.

Extra hilarity for readers who speak that language and can "get it". Unless that's your running joke.2) Names fit best in their setting. A race is often called by an internal name, or by what others think of them. Then for everything else you just have to keep what Knave said in mind: i'm in a dire need of names, i just can't think of any good ones, so is there any way for people to suggest good names and how do you think them up.I love the way you would help rescue animals without hesitation. Carroll was a carpenter by trade who was just as comfortable debating the latest Mets or Giants game as he was quantum physics and American history.You often spoke of death and we're never taken seriously. He was a strong advocate of the local arts scene, as well as an avid reader and academic. Carroll attended both Hudson Valley Community College and the University at Albany and was fond of the connections he made there.It never, ever would have occurred to me that would be the last time I would see and speak to him. All I can do is accept that after being in so much internal pain and anguish, he has found peace. (Click to view)Adam Bryan, born 22 September 1988, died 14 March 2012 in Texas Our Remembrance Adam if I could have you back I would not one minute goes by where I don\\'t think of you or miss you! Words will never be enough to express everything I am going through without you here! I miss you Daddy.(Click to view)Alex Fanning, born 17 July 1995, died in Richardson, Texas Our Remembrance You are thought about and missed every second of every day. Dear sweet soul, how I wish I could show you the kindness you showed the world.(Click to view)Shawn Markel, born 03 February 1972, died 07 October 2013 in Seattle, Washington Our Remembrance Love you.....then, now and forever. We used to be best friends when our kids were very small. I wish I had been close enough to make a difference in her life. He was extremely generous, and at one time a very funny guy. (Click to view)James Russell Mallow, born 22 January 1992, died 09 April 2012 in West Virginia, USAOur Remembrance I hope you have seen your makers face and all the things that haunted you here are gone... (Click to view)Stephanie Almonte, born , died in New York, New York Our Remembrance "When someone you becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure, Rest In Peace Stephanie Almonte."(Click to view)James Houston Evans, born 05 December 1990, died 23 September 2015 in Thomson, Georgia, United States Our Remembrance My brother took his own life on September 23, 2015 after trying to get himself off of drugs. He was the simplest, sweetest brother that anyone could ever be blessed with. But I get to plan a wedding to an amazing man where I am putting an empty front row seat. You lived your life as we all should, helping others and ensuring there was always laughter where ever you were.RIP sweet brother, I hope your suffering is finally over.(Click to view)Katie Yael Rich, born 27 March 1996, died 23 August 2011 in San Francisco, California Our Remembrance To my beautiful daughter, Katie, I will never forget that you love me and don\'t you ever forget that I love you. One that would have been able to show her there were reasons to live. He was a master carpenter and avid fisherman, good at whatever he put his hands to. if love could of saved you, you would of lived forever. He was one of the strongest people that I have ever encountered in my life . I am the youngest, but he was always my baby brother. We have been so very blessed by your presence in our family, while so very sad that your laughter hid your pain from those who loved you the most. We look forward to the day when we will all be united with you again.

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