Boys scared of dating

It’s not the whole riff raff about wasting money on a bad date that irks me; it’s my precious time that could be wasted.

My time is the most valuable thing I possess, and its supplies are limited.

I don’t have the energy or time to find someone who’s willing to spend the night with me, and I certainly don’t have the patience for the awkward goodbyes come morning.

When you don’t have dating on your mind, not getting a text means nothing to you.

What I’m scared of is getting intimate with someone, and then coming to regret it afterwards.

It’s giving the power to someone who may not deserve it that is so unappealing.

I’m more afraid of trying to find someone who gets to decide if he or she wants to. I really don’t know, and I’d rather not discuss it or give my mother any more false hope.

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I don’t mind being celibate if it alleviates me of the possibility of an unremarkable (or even remarkably terrible) sexual experience.

The thing is I’m not afraid of being single; I’m afraid of dating.

The thing that makes breaking up so daunting is it must inevitably lead to going on dates, putting yourself out there and being vulnerable again.

When you just went out on a great date and are playing the whole coy, cat and mouse game, you spend countless hours starting at your phone, praying for a response.

It’s the pit in the bottom of my stomach that I have no interest in pursuing.

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