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And then placing my other head into her moist folds, I leaned in with my hips and slowly buried my dick inside of wet vaginal tunnel.I was so horny and engorged with blood, either my dick felt bigger or she felt even tighter than I'd remembered.After a few minutes with my fingers at her love button, I ****ed her to a climax, Christina's shriek muffled by the pillow.I carved my shaft inside of her for another minute, making sure it was as saturated as possible by her orgasmic honey. I pulled out, my erection glistening in the moonlight from the heavy coatings of fluid, and redirected myself at her *******.In the dim moonlight all I could see was the pleasant shape of her ass and naked back, her pussy hidden by the shadows.With erection in hand I searched around blindly until the tip was able to find her sopping wet pussy.Knowing I should not linger too long and desperate to embed my dick inside of her, I kneaded at Christina's firm asscheeks and then pried at her legs to move her into position.She moved readily and got to her knees, sticking her bare ass into the air while burying her face almost directly into the pillow.

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She gasped loudly as my middle finger slipped easily into her tunnel all the way to the knuckle, and then I pulled my hand back so that my wet fingertips could start rubbing at her clit.

As quietly as possible, I padded to the left hallway, glancing in the other direction to ensure her parents were not up and about.

The first door I came across was wide open and revealed a hallway bathroom.

The hem of her T-shirt began to slide down her back from the angle, and I helped the process along with my hands until her shirt was around her shoulders and I was able to reach my hands down to palm her firm breasts.

The nipples were rock hard to my touch, and I tweaked them while my cock came up between her legs.

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