Black from flavor of love dating lil wayne

Yes, that’s the same person Public Enemy entertainer Flava Flav had on his arm for a while.

Since neither Lil Wayne nor Cabrera have confirmed the relationship as of this writing, that means we’ll have to rely on gossip websites for info regarding their romance.

For other exes, their relationship didn’t fare so well, and he is the topic of many tell-all books and confessions.

He has also been put on blast by a few of his ladies, so he hasn’t completely gotten off easy for his dirty and deceitful deeds.

If you’re a little curious to see who some of these ladies were that caught Lil Wayne’s attention, just check out our list of the hottest women Lil Wayne has been with.

A sad turn of events happened and she miscarried their child- the relationship ended soon after.

The talk on the town back in 2006 was that the famous and gorgeous Solange Knowles and Lil Wayne were getting pretty cozy and close while working on similar projects and hanging out frequently.

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