Bju bans interracial dating

When student leaders organize prayer and worship events for the student body, you can volunteer to serve as a musician, as part of the set-up crew, etc.Your society will hold weekly prayer meetings where you’ll be able to share each other’s burdens and grow closer in Christ.Each year we also raise funds for a special project, from renovating student spaces on campus to supporting church planters. It is advertised as a Christian school, but it is more a university for Protestant Christians--ideally, fundamentalist Protestant Christians.Isn't it really a compliment to Bob Jones University that the likes of John Mc Cain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley seethe and fulminate against us?Would we not be embarrassed if they, with their philosophies, spoke well of us?Bob Jones University opposes one world, one church, one economy, one military, one race, and unisex.

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As we build our confidence in God and His word, we’re also encouraged with practical ways we can obey Christ and serve others.

Through chapel, the entire university is challenged to know, love and serve God with all that we are.

We meet to hear messages from President Steve Pettit, faculty members and guest speakers.

Find Greenville-Area Churches Each spring semester, the whole university takes a break from classes to enjoy several days of preaching, singing and fellowshipping.

Guest speakers preach on a theme chosen by President Pettit, such as “The Sufficiency of Christ,” giving us a chance to refresh our spirits and redefine our priorities.

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