Billy crudup claire danes still dating

Billy Crudup & Phoebe Strole Put the Pedal to the Metal in Adam Rapp's New Play On opening night, Billy Crudup feels the love from his brother Tommy, a producer of Rachael Ray’s TV show, and their beautiful mom. I was an extra in a movie with Claire and as fate would have she was standing next to me during some down time; there was brief chit chat, but nothing I encouraged or engaged too much in (rules and all) - but I have to say she was nice.. I was skimming through some [italic]old[/italic] JC Chace thread, like '06ish, and there was a string of posts about Hugh and Chace being spotted out and about together.

There are two types of people in Hollywood -- those who are nice to the extras and those who aren't. Ok, so I wanted more dish on Hugh and I actually stumbled upon a couple interesting tidbits that came up in a totally unrelated search. There was a link to an article and pap shots, but the site seems to have been scrubbed since then. Someone linked to an article about Hugh and Claire's engagement that detailed his shenanigans during filming of Evening. [quote]Dancy took his time deciding if Danes was the one for him.

5, about Billy Crudup leaving pregnant Mary-Louise Parker for her back in 2003 -- details I only read the interview transcript, but it's pretty clear that she doesn't feel any guilt for poaching, or for participating in the breakup of a relationship where there was a child involved. You were together for years before, you couldn't stick it out until the kid's crawling?

Dumping a pregnant woman is harsh -- they're already hormonal, and then walking out on your child and leaving her alone with a newborn... Funny how Crudup's career took the hit, but Danes's recovered.[quote] DDL did that with Isabelle Adjani too.

The actor was also seen making out with his male screenwriter and the gay hotel manager, who was later canned.[quote]"The cast was pretty much drunk every night," said the source.

"Hugh also made out with [screenwriter] Michael Cunningham in the lobby."R36 The Advocate asked Hugh about that rumor[quote] The Advocate: You've dismissed a certain gossip item about a drunken make-out session between you, Evening screenwriter Michael Cunningham, and a male hotel staffer.

That whole mindset of blaming "the other woman" in these situations is so bizarre.

I had no idea of his love life for a long time and just thought he's gay whenever I saw him in movies.

Adjani allowed herself to become knocked up on purpose in a last ditch attempt to hang on to DDL when he was already pretty much out the door. He didn't acquit himself well initially but got his shit together fairly early on under the influence of his wife Rebecca Miller.

Unfortunately, because DDL rarely speaks publicly about his personal life, Adjani's side of things is taken as the subjective truth - and she loooooooves the attention. Gay men are usually screwing two women at the same time.

In May, Watts, 48, told Red magazine of Schreiber, “We have huge love and respect for one another and high hopes for it to remain that way going forward.” But she added, “[Dating] just seems completely frivolous and counterproductive and just not really in my world right now.” It is believed she has been friends with Crudup for some time, and they were photographed together with Schreiber and Eva Mendes at a 2009 Broadway party.

Last month, Crudup, 49, said he was still looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with after previous relationships with Mary-Louise Parker, with whom he has a 13-year-old son, William, and “Homeland” star Claire Danes.

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