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Control, Astral Chain, Man of Medan, Blair Witch—there are so many games you could be playing and showing people.

And when you show them, you want people to see your face too, right? (If you’re setting up a streaming studio, check out our buying guides for streaming essentials like the So how do separate the best webcams from the kinda ok ones? It has to both record and stream at 1080p or higher. The best ones also all tend to have some special feature—some record in HDR, one of our favorites has a built-in light. We do also look for 4K recording, but it isn’t a hard requirement yet: most 4K webcams are pretty expensive, and the feature isn’t quite worth the extra money yet, since most people haven’t upgraded to a 4K monitor.

No matter what you’re after in a webcam, we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

From high quality shooters with nice aesthetics to affordable webcams that are just enough to get the job done right, there’s a great webcam for everyone on this list.

Whether you’re using Skype, Facebook, Discord, or any number of apps for video chat, it’s nice to know that your calls are going out clean and clear.

We're looking to making the product even better in 2019, and can't wait to hear your suggestions.

All the best, Stacie(co-founder, Turn Camera

Will you be video conferencing with work colleagues?

Or, do you just want to do Skype video calls with family and friends whenever a holiday comes around?

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