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Years ago, in an attempt at a long distance relationship, I found myself on Facebook messenger for hours on end every day.

When the relationship ended, I went into a complete tailspin.

The opportunity cost of distraction is time, energy, and effort that would otherwise be spent on activities that have that potential to change your life for the better.

Poor attention management decreases the quality of almost every area of your life: It contributes to anxiety and depression, decreases your productivity, and makes your relationships and conversations less meaningful.

The same thing happens when you focus your attention on one task.

You shift from focus to flow, get more done in less time and every aspect of performance goes through the roof.

It was like cutting a rat off a Tony Montana size mountain of cocaine.

Since your attentional space is limited, the way you increase your attention span is by decreasing the competition for it.

Our behavior is mostly a byproduct of our environment.

It’s a vicious cycle of feeding an insatiable beast.

Dating apps use the same variable rewards mechanism, but with a far more seductive promise than likes or comments: the potential for intimacy.

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