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The abbey’s stunning 14th-century Gothic gatehouse, Fyndon’s Gate is intact, and has a chamber where Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria spent the night in 1625 after their marriage at the cathedral.

In the stonework of the two drum towers flanking the portal, you can make out some of the UK’s oldest gunloops, eighteen in total, while there are machicolations below the battlements joining the towers.The city is still partially enclosed by a wall first constructed in Roman times, and sits on two arms of the River Stour for leisurely walks and guided boat trips.Let’s explore the best things to do in Canterbury: Seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Canterbury Cathedral is England’s principal Christian monument.England’s ecclesiastical capital, Canterbury is a city with two universities, lots of preserved Medieval architecture and the oldest operating school in the world.For hundreds of years Canterbury has been dominated by the Bell Harry Tower of the UNESCO World Heritage cathedral, which is still the tallest landmark in the city.

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