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In the mean time, I’d suggest these posts: How to resolve conflict more effectively Active Listening As for her referencing a previous lover, I’m not sure what you can do about that. It’s not the best way she could have handled the situation, but this is one of the drawbacks of sex before marriage.

I think that’s generally a good way to look at things.

This created a pattern of behaviour that turned her primary reaction to sex to be that of refusal.

Now, we both had our issues to deal with, but the primary catalyst of this was external: the birth control pills. Unfortunately, I honestly don’t know how to protect against it. I’ve heard of a lot of husbands who make very overt sexual advances prior to marriage, or even have sex, frequently, before marriage, and then, once married, they lose interest.

I'm clearly prone to falling for the bait-and-switch, but there are a few patterns to spot it ahead of time: 1.

I received this question from our anonymous Have A Question page about a month ago: My wife and I have had a troubled sex life for years. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that happens in a lot of Christian marriages: the bait and switch.

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