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A common theme among US readers is how Rand's ideas attract young teenagers, who become briefly obsessed by them, but are later discarded as they discover other ideas and viewpoints (most self-commentators regarding this as a positive progression and expressing more than a little surprise that they ever took her so seriously).

A summary of the (pejorative) 'European perspective' on Rand might be: I'll take your word that this is the case within the USA.

For me that's a pity, as there is a neat poetry in the unification of this pair that feels indicative of the something-not-quite-yet-tangible at the root of my cultural interest in them.

Still, all is far from lost, as a search for “ayn rand” “l. An entirely unscientific* scan through a few suggests that, for the majority of commentators, the connection rests on their common ground as 'middling writers' and 'cult leaders.' A 1999 peak (see footnote) in content containing references to the pair appears to be a result of the Modern Library 100 Best Lists.

Whilst working at a summer job in a warehouse during university, she met a longtime worker there, who—on discovering that she was studying philosophy—told her that she absolutely had to read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, as they were life changing philosophical experiences.

I am left to assume one of the following: as a 'rational egoist' he had decided that his work was his highest value and was truly devoted to being the best warehouseman possible; he was waiting out his time to realise his designs as great architect, artist etc.; or he was Charles Freck.

My first encounter with Rand was via the references in Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's The Illuminatus!

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However, this is from a very cursory inspection and it would not surprise me if these peaks are relative to the size' of the Internet at the time, rather than representing absolute numbers.

I will return to this search in future, with the benefit of some further research into how Google works this kind of thing out (maybe I'll get the hang of 'Google Analytics' at the same time...) I am in the process of researching the conceptual systems and philosophies of 'dubious' thinkers—particularly those who have been successful in spreading their ideas into popular culture.

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