Austin and ally trish and trent dating

Ally accidentally gives away all of the instruments in the Sonic Boom so Ally, Austin, Trish and Dez decide to host a fundraiser in order to get the money needed to buy the instruments back.However, when Austin gets grounded for bad grades, the gang is left needing a backup plan.Trish invites Dallas to her party, so that Ally can dance with him.However, since Ally is a horrible dancer she asks Austin to give her dance lessons.Later on, the gang shows up at their apartment, and Emma tells Jessie that if she helps them, he could record one of her songs and turn it into a big hit.When Ally reads Jessie's lyrics, she thinks they are not good, so Jessie accidentally steals Zuri's poem and takes credit for it.

Ally is the only student or person that Miss Suzy never gave a gold star to so Ally sees a chance to finally earn one.She mentions that one of her relatives, Emilio, a big-time club owner, will be at her party.Austin decides to perform at Trish's party, so he can impress Emilio to book him in his clubs.There's an Alphabit Burglar working the stores in the mall and all the evidence points to Austin as the thief.Ally, Trish and Dez must come up with a plan to catch the real thief before the angry mob gets to Austion.

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