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The new project system allows you to open projects from a directory, a local IIS server, an FTP site, and a remote site.

Local IIS uses the IIS metabase to find the directory on the local machine.

Other than that there is not a big difference from a file-based project.

An FTP site opens a remote site through an FTP connection and it uses FTP to figure out the project structure in much the same way as a file-based project does, so everything is pulled into the project.

I find that when I edit datasets with new SQL, adding columns, tableadapters etc, that the class is not regenerated, and therefore I can't access them incode.This project opening format is useful if you want to remotely connect to another machine, but it’s also useful for local projects that contain lots of static content that you don’t want to automatically include in your project.For example, if you have a root Web site that has subdirectories that are in turn virtual directories, a Remote Site prevents importing all the child virtual directories, which is not the case with file projects.Is there any way of forcing the regeneration (saving doesn't do it), or is there a particular cause that I could remove to let it start working again (maybe a subtle issue around partial class naming/ inheritance etc)?Try the following: 1) Click on the XSD file in the solution explorer 2) Click on the properties tab and check the Custom Tool Property. If it's not there, type it there 3) Once done right click the XSD file and click the menu item Run Custom Tool.

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