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(And, we’ll have to get another frame for our youngest.

She always wants in on whatever her big sister is doing).

The picture I am using is 1400 x 1400, which fits the "Apple Code".

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It's better to post the feed URL when you have a question - there can be other issues which don't appear with just the image URL, though in this case it's obvious. Do you have a suggestion on where I can upload the image so that it's size is not reduced?

I was beginning to think the guy from the stock frame photo was just another member of the family. ” problem, but it totally made her feel like a star!

(And as the first-born, this type of recognition is just her thing…especially from her daddy!

We may need to get some gallery lighting for these works of art!

(By the way- have you seen my hair in that family portrait?! ) Think about all the different ways your child likes to communicate and works to understand the world around them.

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