Are amber benson and adam busch still dating

The two have since broken up but they have remained close friends.

Amber Nicole Benson (born January 8, 1977) is an American actress, writer, director, and producer.

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You don't realize what an impact television has on people.

Most recently, he portrayed the Orthodox Jewish rap artist, Sholom Glickstein, in the Paul Weitz film, "American Dreamz".

He had a recurring role in the Kelsey Grammer situation comedy, Back to You.

But when you get letters from young girls saying, 'I came out and I have a girlfriend now because of you', it's great.” “We got a lot of young letters…

there were a lot of young people who felt very isolated, and to see two characters on a television show be accepted by a group of peers changed the game.” As for lying big confusion, she clears the air hinting it was just combo of the perfect role and good acting; fans only stretched her reel life to real life.

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