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My clients are in Europe, Asia or Africa, and it is very unlikely, that we will ever meet by accident.Back when I was working in a private practice or clinic back home, randomly meeting patients in the street or discovering that we have mutual acquaintances was a very common issue.It is the content of the emails and counselling sessions.So if staying anonymous helps you open up about your issues or feel comfortable, that is really all that matters.To remain anonymous, some clients will set up a new email address that does not contain their name and isn’t linked to anything else that could identify them.I will ask those clients how they would like me to address them – this can be a fake name or simply initials, a first name without a last name etc.

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Finally, choosing anonymous counselling provides an additional layer of security and privacy.Overall the counselling works just like any other online counselling.Potential clients contact me via email or the contact form on my website.So if you are a bit wary about counselling, opting for anonymity could help you open up and face the real issues without distractions.Are you bored with your old Facebook and Whatsapp friends? You can easily get strangers and make them friend using your smartphone.

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