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The woman who answered the door to show me and my companion around said she was the homeowner. If I have not known you when you were a child, and been a part of your life as you learnt and grew�I am not your aunty. I�ve seen what happens when friends� parents visit from India, all articulate, successful, professional individuals in their own right, most still working adults, some retired perhaps, who nevertheless are made to feel like tag-alongs in the United States.

She was of an indeterminable age, but definitely an adult�and I don�t mean only in a legal sense! We were all adults in a neutral setting, and yet when it was time to leave, the hostess said to me, �Thanks for coming, aunty! If you are an adult with or without furrows on your temples, and our paths have never crossed before�I am not your aunty. Many of these parents insist that they prefer to be �left at home� when asked to accompany their offspring to local dinner functions and are pushed to the �aunty/uncle� section of the room.

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