Alexander godunov dating

She was linked to men like Steve Jobs, Woody Allen, Al Pacino, and Keanu Reeves but she has said the man she truly missed among all those she kissed is Matthew Mc Conaughey.

With all his humor, Bill Maher is one person you can guess to easily attract women and probably keep them.

There was also Coco Johnsen, who sued him for million because, according to her, he promised he was going to marry and support her.

In his countersuit to have it dismissed, Maher said he was a confirmed bachelor and he did not promise marriage to the former Playboy Cyber Girl neither did he promise to support her.

However, he has found himself among the famous celebs who have refused to get married.

He has dated women such as Cara Santa Maria, and Jasmine Boussem.

The interesting thing, however, is that she has been with her partner, Stedman Graham, longer than many other celebrities who have been married have stuck with their spouses.

Heading into the 80s, Al Pacino who has dated women like Beverly D’Angelo, and Jill Clayburgh still remains unmarried.

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For Allison Janney, she revealed that she may never get married.Still, it is a surprise to see her among our list of celebrities who never married.She has not openly dated many people in the past but was linked to Dennis Gagomiros as far back as the 1980s and then Richard Jenik between 20.According to the actress, because of her height and because she is still not married, many people believe she is gay but she is not bothered by that.All she is interested in more than getting married is being happy and remaining sexy for as long as she can.

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