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The series was a commercial success, and recorded the highest ratings of the year.For two consecutive years (20), Lin was included in the Top Ten Most Famous Asian Superstars.Originally picked for the role of Sai Ya, Lin was ultimately chosen by the company to play Zi Wei instead, as the actress scheduled to play the main role was unavailable."After it was decided that I played the role of Zi wei, I got the script only three days before I had to leave for filming.As Lin felt she had achieved all she could in television, she started venturing into films.In 2000, she appeared in three Hong Kong films - Winner Takes All, Comic King and the action movie China Strike Force with Aaron Kwok and Taiwanese actor-singer Leehom Wang.In 1996, Lin went to China for the first time to film; she considered this a period of valuable experience and a time that she began to learn about acting."I was in my second year of high school when I first got involved in film & TV industry.

A press conference is held today in which the four main actors, posters, and a trailer are introduced to the audience. Our heroine (played by Chen Dou Ling) is a 17-year old high-school student with a weak left ear who has a crush on a quiet boy, whose girlfriend doesn’t really love him that way. Two weeks before filming began, he got so upset when one line in the script wasn’t revised and printed timely. Female lead’s cousin, who also carries a torch for her… This role demonstrated her acting range, since it differed from the nice, sweet image she had developed from her role in My Fair Princess.The following year, she starred in Romance in the Rain, a costume drama based in 1930s and 1940s, also written by Chiung Yao.In 1999, she also began a singing career with her debut album Heartbeat.According to Apple Daily, Lin was the third highest-earning Taiwanese drama actress in 2011, Lin originally planned on going to the United Kingdom to study after high school graduation, never considering the prospect of an acting career. After appearing in many commercials, her parents finally agreed to allow her to sign a contract with an entertainment-management company.

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