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Lately we have tried using a vibrator on my erection.It feels good, but it doesn’t affect me much and since I already have an erection, it seems that it’s time for intercourse.They saved pretty much everything they could - when we moved in, the garage (which never had been cleaned out. We must have unearthed two dozen boxes dating back to the 1950's. But he's a bit of a slob, so the Band-Aid boxes remained unmolested until we arrived.What could I do, but share our found bit of history with you? Only time can tell, and it can't seem to make a final decision in the matter... It's kind of weird to look at all these boxes, not one of which has a UPC symbol on it.Circa 1946, when David was two and a half years old in Harlan, Iowa, having a Band-Aid applied with the help of his mother Leda and dog Snookers. 1996 Update: After being online for about a year, someone from Johnson & Johnson found the BAND-AID page. Among them: March 2008 Update: Rich Capen wrote: If you know the history, you know that the inventor - Earle Dickson - was married to a woman named Josephine Knight. It was her clumsiness, so the story goes, that made the Band-Aids necessary.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.I believe my problem coming to orgasm lies in a loss of sensitivity.I have gone to a urologist, and he assured me that there is no physical problem with testosterone or any other medical issue.I am 73 and use Viagra to prepare for lovemaking, but even so, over the last few months I’ve had problems achieving orgasm during intercourse. Now, after 20 minutes I give up in exasperation because I worry that my wife is becoming impatient.She says that she is not impatient, just frustrated that she can’t do more to help me.

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