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He said that with the kids, he and his wife had become like a business of managing children and just didn’t have any sexual energy left. We both worked downtown so we found a coffee shop halfway between us.And then after a few days he asked if I could send him a photo that would “at least give him a sense of my body type.” . I’ve been sexting with someone new, a new match from the site, Things were going well, until I realized that he wanted to have a threesome. I was looking for something else, sex yes, but also, a connection. There’s their needs, their desires, their priorities, and then beneath that — mine.First you have to consider what kind of cheater you are, or believe your partner to be. As with any field of expertise, some tools are meant for professionals while others offer simplicity to newbies.First, let’s see the arsenal in use by serial and occasional cheaters.Hidden Chats – Viber also allows hidden chats to happen as well.

It didn’t start in the usual way, with me meeting someone. I was home alone and I looked out my window and noticed a police car outside. He was the one to make all the big decisions about our financial life, our business. I liked that the men had to send me their photos first and I could evaluate them. But I was a little disappointed when he picked a day three weeks in the future. A few weeks after the hotel date fell through, the guy started emailing me again.

He was being sued for thousands of dollars and he hadn’t even told me. It was at that moment that I decided I was going to have an affair. I wanted someone who would be easy to talk to and have a good sense of humor. He said he still wanted to see me and for it to happen but needed some time. But then I ended up feeling that way in my marriage.

So I started sorting through messages, looking for ones that seemed to come from real people. So in the meantime I started texting with that original match again, the one who asked about my cup size, and it seemed to be going well. Now, I was feeling that way in trying to have an affair. This is just the way it seems to go with me and men, my husband or otherwise.

While this might seem contradictory, it still remains the truth.

For starters, phones tend to leave a trail of communication between cheater and lover.

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