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Trash Mail is similar, but it forwards the messages to your real inbox.You can keep it as long as you want, or set a specific length of time or number of messages to accept before terminating.Under Managing Your Account, there will be an option to Create an Outlook alias.Then, just choose an alias and a domain, click Save, and you're good to go.Plus, the inbox is public, so anybody can search it if they know the name, as well as use the same address.With a tagline like 'let them eat spam,' what's not to love?If it works for coupon codes, why not site registrations?

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I'm not talking about paywalls—I mean the sites that make you give them personal information to look at free articles or forum threads.You can set up a filter in Gmail to have all messages sent to the "alias" address marked as spam or sent to a different folder.If you use Apple's i Cloud Mail, you also get five free aliases, like Outlook.And don't feel bad about using them—people willingly submit them to help others bypass restrictions.Do pass on good Internet Karma, though—if you have a throwaway account you use for a certain site, submit it so others can use it too!

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