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Two trails lead to the beach: a longer one (about a mile and a half) that starts at the northwest corner of Parking Lot F on campus; and a shorter one (about a quarter mile) that starts at the end of ... There's plenty of woods for doing anything you would like. Usually between 3 pm and 5 pm I'm looking for action. I have walked the beach buck naked and once came upon a young cute man.I know I'll be there even in the cloudy weather. He watched me jack off and then approached and fucked me for thirty-minutes over a log. The most intense cruisy area has been fenced off with temporary fencing.Signs say: ' Trail Closed for Re-vegetation'. I stopped out of curiosity ten years ago and watched lots of action, wasn't ready to participate myself yet though. I rarely see anything attractive, but did get to mess around a couple of times with some hot guys. Watch for break lights and guys cruising the strip several tim...This is the same area Parks/Rec cleared at great expense a couple of years... Take a little walk around and a good chance you could catch me playing with myself. The Washington DOT closed this rest area last year. It has now been reopened as a Spokane County park, with access from Stateline Road instead of from I-90. The men's room in the PUB is a nice and quiet place. The stall walls are pretty high off the ground, making for nice viewing. Alas, the toilet door is in full view of the lunch/brunch crowd looking out the windows of the nearby restaurant. I have been going for several weeks with nothing happening. There is always eye candy of young guys working out.

Too bad, if all worked out I had a motel room for two ni...

Go to third floor bathroom in the old library area which has three stalls and chill there in farthest stalls till someone sits in middle stall next to you. Today at after lunch I was incredibly horny, so I went to the last stall hoping for some action.

A hot young college guy came into the stall next to me. I went to the last stall and found a porn pic of two guys sucking dick on the floor.

It was a pretty light crowd but I did catch eyes with a nice looking h...

Early afternoons and just before closing are the two best times.

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