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The three stripes are: red, symbolic of the country's struggle for freedom; black, representing the racial makeup of the majority population; and orange, symbolic of the country's copper riches and other mineral wealth.A copper-colored eagle in the upper right corner symbolizes the country's ability to rise above its problems.

For added convenience, the property can provide towels and bed linen for an extra charge.Another powerful tribe, the Lozi, dominated western Zambia and also originated from the Congo in the late seventeenth century.By the beginning of the twentieth century, these tribal migrations had transformed the area into a complex society tied together by conflicts and trade.Because of conflicts in the border countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola, there has been a large influx of refugees in recent years. English is the official language as the country was once an English colony (1924–1964).While many people speak English, in rural areas tribal languages are spoken, in addition to a few other vernacular languages.

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