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You could be forgiven for assuming that most AI assistants are women, because their mostly male designers want them to be.A simple Google search quickly brings to mind the traditional image of a secretary, but that isn’t the whole story. A great deal of research exists on the difference between male and female speech, much of which has been picked up by the media and popular science books. When you consider that the average sized, fully adult penis is maximum 6 in. You have to eat a completely healthy diet to achieve maximum penis size. There is no food to actually make your penis grow, because penis growth comes during puberty and your dick size is dependent upon your genes (by your father and mothers father).

The exceptions to the rule are curious in their own regard.Present-day digital assistants keep our diaries in order, give us directions and take care of our correspondence.They are, first and foremost, virtual secretaries, which means they are filling a role traditionally played by women.The new veiling expresses women's protest against this.Mac Leod argues that the symbolism of the new veiling emerges from this tense subcultural dilemma, involving elements of both resistance and acquiescence.

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