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We perceive, then, no cause to believe, that in the nature of a republic, there is any tiling peculi- arly calculated, to render it either ungrateful or un- just to individuals, by whom its interests have been ably promoted. attached to it, the fact would constitute a weighty objection against the reputed advantages of that form of government, and render doubtful its preference to others.

By the gratitude of Switzerland, Tell, for his ser- vices, was all but canonized; and his posterity dis- tinguished by the favours of the state.

Did we love our country to the extent we profess to do, we would love and cherish every thing that might minister to its greatness and glory.

.00 With sketcl'of North Carolina in the Revolution, appendix contains the Mecklen- burg Declaration 1st printing in a book. But the most operative and fruitful of them is, our want of a genu- ine spirit of patriotism.

While we continue to neglect these, in vain will we boast of our national spirit and national pride. Patriotism holds no alliance with apathy and indifference.

But the richest source of a nation's glory consists in the illustrious natives of its soil.

To the case of the illustrious benefactors of Rome, similar observations may be correctly applied.

Reel" f ' /; * / -, MEMOIRS THE LIFE AND CAMPAIGNS OF THE MAJOR GENERAL IN THE ARMY OP THE UNITED STATES, AND COMMANDER OP THE SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT, IN THE WAR OF THE REVOLUTION. As a single but striking instance, from the num- bers that are on record, the conduct of the Atheni- ans, in relation to Socrates, might be adduced in proof of what we have here stated.

To inquire into all the causes of this neglect is not our intention.

Report made to the Legisla- ture of Kentucky on the Medical Dept. The same tongues that had defamed them, while faithfully engaged in the service of the common- wealth, praised them in the tomb; and the very hands that had wielded the weapons of their de- struction, were not backward in rearing their mo- nument. Vll Brutus eulogized Cavsar, after he had assassinated him; and Lepidus, one of the triumvirate that voted his death, is said to have written a panegyric on Cicero.

What- ever might be the severities of their treatment, during life, death procured for them justice and renown.

It may be safely added, however, that, wherever they predomi- nate, they arise much more from some defect in the moral constitution of man, than from any thing pecu- liar in the civil compact.

For, whether they be found in a public insti- tution, or in the hearts of individuals, the failings al- leged imply a flagrant violation of right.

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