Accommodating religious beliefs

To what extent must religious beliefs and practices of employees be accommodated?

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The ban on discrimination applies not only to firings, but to other aspects of employment, including hiring and promotion decisions.

Federal and state laws also protect employees from unfair labor practices.

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Failing to do so can lead to fines and civil liability.If you are a subscriber, please log in to access this page.If you would like to subscribe, please Register here or visit Subscriber benefits for more information.This includes cultural dress that reflects an individual’s “heritage.” Similarly, supervisor discussions of political conflicts have been found not to constitute religious harassment, even though they involved ethnic groups that generally adhered to certain religions and were conducted in front of an employee who was a member of the religion.However, cultural or political accommodation requests can have religious elements and should be carefully analyzed by employers. To be entitled to a religious accommodation, an applicant or employee must inform the employer of the need for the accommodation.

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