Accommodating cultural differences in the workplace

As businesses continue to grow their operations in different countries, the need to make workplaces more and more diverse has never been so important.Employees from different cultures are bringing divergent thinking and original ideas to their workplaces and together they are changing the face of the global economy.I am proud to be part of the VCSC team,” says Joumana Azzi, a program manager at the centre.

And for staff events such as strategic planning retreats, participants are consulted about culture-specific dietary needs.Here are 5 ways to overcome cultural barriers and embrace cultural difference: Ensure clear and polite communication Clear and polite communication reduces the chances of surprises, crises, and confrontation.Both employers and employees should take diversity and cultural difference into account while drafting communication material.Even though the collective imaginations of people from diverse cultural backgrounds are producing great outcomes for society and the economy, the roadblocks to overcome still existing cultural stereotypes and preconceptions are many.Culture is the plethora of differences that characterize the world today.

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