Abuse in dating relations

Tanisha Bagley is no stranger to teen dating violence as she experienced it firsthand in her adolescent years. These questions are helpful for more than teenage relationships.

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Those with disabilities and same-sex partners, as well as tweens (kids age 11-14), homeless youth and teens with/or expecting children, however, can be at greater risk.She recalls disciplining her three-year-old son, and in her scolding he told her his ‘’ (pointing to the room in which she was frequently abused) and beat her when he got home. Tanisha knew at that moment if she didn’t leave her partner the abuse cycle would repeat. She questioned the messages she was sending her children and how it would affect them in the future. Today, fourteen years later, Tanisha carries her message to other abuse survivors by speaking out both locally and nationally on issues of abuse. If you or someone you know is experiencing digital abuse or other forms of dating violence, help is available.For more information and resources on teen dating violence, intimate partner violence, healthy relationships, or parenting, contact your local You've heard the experts say that maintaining a healthy relationship takes work. But with a little extra effort, you can set the stage for a healthy, functional, intimate relationship with your partner.

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