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If the girls responded in the negative, the script would automatically delete that message from the Mailbox leaving only the actionable responses for Eros to deal with.From there, Eros took over manually, but not without some help with the right things to say.Emails cost a certain amount of money per message, and improved analytics and search rankings can come from being a premium — or RSVi P — member.

Trans daters can be easily overlooked by the general dating populace.After a bit of study, Eros worked out that he could actually exploit certain loopholes in RSVP to his advantage, and set about building a Perl script to make it happen.What he built was a script that would automate his first point of contact with a network of various women that would then let him respond appropriately based on their response.After the script was complete and had begun working its magic, he set about studying relationship surveys from other dating sites.OKCupid proved the most useful with its toolkit, advising the right things to say, do and wear to impress a date.

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