666 cam cam

HFTCs & lifters require less maintenance than mechanical camshafts.

Hydraulic lifters operate with an internal cushion of pressurized oil.

The secret here is to pick a ring and pinion gear set and tire diameter that keeps the engine in its optimum rpm power range.

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Performance Level 5Level 5 camshafts are designed for fully prepared, high compression, all-out racing engines and chassis.Camshafts use a combination of separation angles, lift, duration and lobe acceleration/ramp rates to create what is called a cam profile.The profile you choose determines where your maximum horsepower and torque will occur. To get the best performance for your application, the camshaft profile must match your head and valve train components.These camshafts work well with four-speed manual transmission.Performance Level 3Level 3 camshafts are designed for moderately modified engines.

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