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This list gives you a ton of ways to watch movies together remotely.

is one of the best movie sharing sites on our list.

The only thing you need to remember when using is that everyone needs to be a member of the service you choose to stream.

If someone in your party doesn’t have a Netflix account, they won’t be able to view the stream.

Together Tube lets you chat with all the standard features including emojis and gifts, you can synchronize videos to watch with others at the same time, and you can vote on the videos you’d like to see next.

Every room in Together Tube can be customized with a name, number of viewers, chat restrictions, and more.

Official Site Another one of the top websites like to watch movies together remotely is Togethr TV.

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Gaze lets you sync watch the same thing at the same time with anyone, anywhere. If you just want to chat, use the video call feature.If you want to share a file, you can do that too with Gaze.There’s a lot that you can do with this instant chat and video streaming site. All you need to Gaze with a friend is Facebook, email, or know how to copy and paste a link.Discover something new and maybe make a new friend online with this site called Wavelength.Official Site If you’ve found a cool video on You Tube, Vimeo, or Daily Motion that you want to share with one of your friends, you’ll love this synchronized viewing site found on our list of sites like called Cy Tube.

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