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Often when these episodes of extreme “ups” and “downs” occur, they can push the relationships with those closest to the individual to the breaking point. For these individuals, one of the most challenging aspects of living with the condition is holding onto friendships and successfully managing long-term relationships.“Bipolar relationships” — where at least one of the partners in the relationship has bipolar disorder — can be difficult.Each partner has the right to set their own boundaries, make their own rules, interpret abuse as they see fit. Focus on the person you fell in love with, not the struggles, the anger, or the disease.

When manic, persons with bipolar disorder can be horribly insensitive and inconsiderate. Placing the infuriating and frustrating behavior within the context of the disorder can help you place the blame with the disease, not the person. As the partner of someone with mental illness, you probably feel guilty when bipolar episodes become out of control. The reality, though, is that you were not born with super powers. You can love, you can support, you can advocate for, and you can be there.You just need to be mindful of the hazards and establish some rules for moving forward with love and compassion.Here are some rules to apply to a relationship with someone with bipolar that will help you emerge from the tough spots even stronger in your relationship.If so, you likely have found that navigating relationships can be a roller coaster ride.For those who suffer from bipolar disorder, sometimes referred to as manic depression, the cycle of mood fluctuations may include high episodes of “mania” or “hypomania” and low episodes of depression, or even “mixed” episodes where features of both moods are present at the same time. adults have bipolar disorder, and 82.9% of these cases are classified as severe.

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